Academic Guidance for Fall 2020

University of Pennsylvania NROTC Consortium Academic Guidance for Fall 2020

Midshipmen (MIDN) are encouraged to take all academic courses with letter grades (on a 4.0 scale) vice Pass/Fail (P/F) credit.  MIDN shall take courses evaluated with letter grades vice P/F credit for all NROTC required courses IAW the Regulations for Officer Development paragraph 3.5.2 (NSTC M-1533.2D). 

In the event an NROTC required course evaluated with a letter grade is not available or feasible considering degree completion requirements or other extenuating circumstances, MIDN may route a special request chit via the chain of command for permission to take a course evaluated P/F.  Specific requests to take P/F courses will be reviewed by the active duty chain of command and shall be approved by the PNS on a case by case basis.



Regulations for Officer Development (3-14 TABLE 3-1: SPECIFIED COURSES)