Required Classes

Course Requirements for All NROTC Midshipmen

In addition to normal course load, midshipmen must follow these general academic guidelines:

  • Calculus – one year by end of sophomore year (not required for Nurse or Marine Corps option students)
  • Physics – one year of calculus-based physics by end of junior year (not required for Nurse or Marine Corps option students)
  • English grammar and composition – one year (not required for Marine Corps option students)
  • National Security Policy/American Military Affairs (not required for Nurse option students)
  • World Culture/Regional Studies (required for all USN and USMC scholarship midshipmen)
All Hands NSCI 100 – Naval Science PNS Approved Courses for meeting NROTC requirements
Fourth Class: Freshman NSCI 101 – Introduction to Naval Science NSCI 102 – Seapower and Maritime Affairs (SEAS, Nursing)
Third Class: Sophomores NSCI 201 – Leadership in Management (SEAS, Nursing, Wharton) NSCI 202 – Navigation
Second Class: Juniors NSCI 301 – Naval Ship Systems I (SEAS) NSCI 302 – Naval Ship Systems II (SEAS)
First Class: Seniors NSCI 401 – Naval Operations NSCI 402 – Leadership and Ethics (Wharton)
Marine Option NSCI 310 – Evolution of Warfare NSCI 410 – Maneuver Warfare